“Our Love Story” Jacqueline. (Chapter 1)

I’ve spent my life believing in love. I was the kid that actually believed the “love story-romantic” films and I never let go of the logic that one day I will find the one who was meant for me. So, when it came to relationships I have always tried to live the fairy tale romance movie relationship. When I first got to know Jacqueline, it felt like something that was too good to be true. I was always used to beginning relationships and having them slowly fall apart due to unfaithfulness, lack of morals, others turning out to be someone I thought they were not, or even my own insecurities would be too much for someone to handle. Jacqueline had a smile that could light up the darkest of days and an hour glass figure that could always tell you what time it was. Eventually, we would become friends.

The restaurant we worked at sat in front of the cinema that I would frequent. On the days I knew Jacqueline would be working I would make my way over to the restaurant, just to see her face, and then see a movie afterwards. It was easy for us to cross paths when I would enter the building considering she was the hostess(with the mostest😉) and had to watch the front door. She would always be there to greet me. I would hangout with her until my movie started and we would discuss our lives and talk about work. It was almost like a natural feeling to just get comfortable and chat with her. We’ve had encounters before but none like the ones when I would just show up during her day shifts and we’d hang and talk. One of the many encounters involves me sliding a glass rack over to the right which then exposes and opens an area for eye to eye conversation between me and Jacqueline while I would be washing dishes on the other side of the countersink. I would always say something corky when she came around. I suppose that was my way of trying to get noticed by her. While washing dishes, I was always looking for a reason for me to run out to the front of the restaurant just to get a chance to see and speak to Jacqueline. We connected on a level most people wish they could and I won’t lie, I was scared a little bit of what may come. After getting to know each other and talking back and forth through messenger and then by text, we made plans to hangout. Nervous, not sure what to expect, I headed over Jacqueline’s apartment to meet up with her and another coworker. We just hangout at the apartment and chatted about work mostly. We ended up hanging out one more time with the other coworker before we made plans to go see a movie together by ourselves…(to be continued)